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Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage  | Kai Spa Massage Center - Laguna Beach, CA

Kai Spa Massage Center is a place to stop and unwind. Today's culture is hectic, and it seems to be speeding up all the time. Demands...

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Thai Massage

Thai Massage  | Kai Spa Massage Center - Laguna Beach, CA

Kai Spa Massage Center features the powerful treatment of the Thai massage. Believed to have been created by the physician...

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Reflexology  | Kai Spa Massage Center - Laguna Beach, CA,CA

Kai Spa Massage Center specializes in the ancient system of healing known as reflexology. It has been discovered that the entire...

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Welcome to Kai Spa Massage Center

Kai Spa Massage Center is located in the beautiful Laguna Beach area of California. Professionally trained Asian staff awaits your knots and needs. Specializing in Deep Tissue Massage, Thai Massage, and Reflexology, we have honed these ancient methods to meet the trials of the body in today's busy world. We see the power of human touch in our customer's lives every day, and want to share the joy of relaxation and deeper connection with you. It has become clear that traditional medicine endlessly treats symptoms in ways that tend to create new problems.

Our alternative techniques balance the energies of the body by reaching into your core to strengthen the body's natural restorative systems. This guarantees you receive long-lasting relief with no side effects.

Our use of fine herbs, meditation techniques, controlled stretching, and bodywork come together in a peaceful spa atmosphere to relieve deep tension and promote true health. Health that goes beyond the time of your visit to penetrate deeper into your days and expand into calmer nights.

Strengthening the wellbeing of our community in Laguna Beach and the surrounding area is our new goal for this new age. Kai Spa Massage Center caters to our region's needs through having many various treatments and prices. Come in for a visit and find out which works best for you!

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