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About Us | Kai Spa Massage Center - Laguna Beach, CA

Traditionally known for a distinguished history in the healing arts, we keep to the ancient Asian systems for treating the body at Kai Spa Massage Center. The core beliefs of our culture's perspective on medicine is that the individual is a key part of the whole. While we cannot treat the symptoms of our culture at large, we can reach each person individually.

With persistence our healing intention radiates out of our hands, and over time can permeate the entire Laguna Beach, CA, area. With a working understanding of the body's chakra systems, meridian lines, Yin and Yang organ organization, and the various energy sheaths of the total being, our trained healers are equipped to help you back on the path to wellness. This wellness is the true richness of a life well lived.

The body's natural state is balance. When stress or illness push you out of balance, many small changes can shift you back into wholeness. This is our specialty using deep tissue massage, Thai massage, and reflexology. Incorporating the subtle power of herbs gives us another angle from which to assist you in keeping poise and focus in our fast-paced world. Within the sanctuary of our Spa Center, meditation techniques can take root. With practice, meditation blooms flowers of peace and connection with yourself.

These are wonderful tools for continuous health and boundless energy. Our staff's life goal is to help these seeds of peace grow in each heart so that over time our entire community will be changed. Then the peaceful world we seek to be a part of will begin to bloom. It all starts with the individual, with you. So come and meet our practitioners today!

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