Deep Tissue Massage

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Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage  | Kai Spa Massage Center - Laguna Beach, CA

Kai Spa Massage Center is a place to stop and unwind. Today's culture is hectic, and it seems to be speeding up all the time. Demands on our time and attention can become oppressive if we don't keep our priorities straight. What could be more important than our health? Traditional medicine is failing us, and the time for taking our health into our own hands is here. Extreme measures like surgery are often pushed on worried patients who don't understand how the body heals.

And often people don't fully recover from surgery. We promote gentle, natural methods of healing that never cut out the problems or cover it up with drugs, but travel right to the core of the issue. Our bodies absorb much stimulus from our thoughts and feelings. We also absorb stress from the environment around us. Whether it's pollution of the air, noise, or our food, the contaminants back up in our body. The result is poor blood flow and nerve disruption that can cause pain, inflammation, or lack of sensation, which can be just as bad.

Warmth should spread through the entire body as blood flows easily through the veins, renewing all the organs of the body with oxygen. If organs aren't properly oxygenated they can suffer stress or fail altogether. This is why deep tissue massage is so necessary and life enhancing! Our specialized healers use deep tissue massage to release tension, and realign deep layers of connective tissue and muscle. Repetitive misuse of muscles can be corrected. New life floods the body, bringing freedom of movement, and feelings of lightness, both emotional and physical.

Deep Tissue Massage restores blood flow so that the body's natural rhythms can beat on uninterrupted. A vague sense of anxiety is often present in someone who is in need of Deep Tissue Massage. Their body is trying to ask them for help. Not being able to get the message through blocked tissue creates frustration psychically and a sense of powerlessness. These feelings often manifest as anger.

Understanding the ways our bodies communicate with us is necessary for living a less stressful life. When you take the time to nurture your body with deep tissue massage, you are investing in a holistic relationship with yourself that offers untold benefits.

Reconnecting open communication between the psyche and the body is essential for health and joyful relationships. This is often why traditional medicine hurts more than it helps. Treating the body with surgery heaps pain atop pain. Treating the body with pharmaceuticals effectively shuts off the pain message of the body. The pain is still there, as well as the cause for it. But there is a new psychic pain to boot; the pain of being silenced.

That is why these alternative healing techniques are now so sought after. Deep tissue massage is a great first step in shedding the stress that darkens many of our days. People of Laguna Beach, treat yourself to relaxation today!

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