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Kai Spa Massage Center specializes in the ancient system of healing known as reflexology. It has been discovered that the entire body in miniature is energetically mapped out in your feet and hands. When pressure is applied to specific points on the hands and feet, corresponding areas of the body are eased of tension and granted greater blood flow. We believe that when the body is under stress, important energy pathways are blocked. This can result in illness and continued stress. This treatment is ideal for clearing the way for health.

Ear reflexology is used as a diagnostic tool, being that the ear is connected to every part of the body. Stimulating the ear awakens the central nervous system and prepares the rest of the body to receive treatment. Viewing the body holistically is essential for reaching the root cause of the disruption. That is what makes us special.

Reflexology is holistic, and appropriate for all ages. One of the least invasive of therapies, it is great for beginners. Although everyone responds differently to reflexology, we see some consistent improvements. Some of these benefits are relief from the symptoms of PMS, eased anxiety, better kidney function and cardiovascular function. When used together, our specialized therapies go far in assisting your balanced health and wellness. Our staff consistently hone their skills to create ever more beneficial experiences for our clients.

The environment of the Kai Spa Massage Center is quiet and peaceful, with free parking in the back. A place where you can always get away to treat yourself to the most precious gift, greater intimacy with yourself. We're Laguna Beach's premier resource for reflexology. Come see how it can improve your life.

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