Thai Massage

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Thai Massage

Thai Massage  | Kai Spa Massage Center - Laguna Beach, CA

Kai Spa Massage Center features the powerful treatment of the Thai massage. Believed to have been created by the physician to the Buddha over 2,000 years ago, Thai massage is unique in ancient medicine. Originally only performed by monks, the technique has now widespread appreciation throughout the world. And it's available here in the Laguna Beach, CA, area! Time has its ways of passing on all good things.

The philosophy of Thai massage is that the body is the house of “lom,” or “air,” which upon entering the body, travels along 72,000 pathways called “sen.” Our healers manipulate these pathways manually, releasing stuck energies, and awaking the body to a clearer perception of itself.

Thai massage is more vigorous and active than most massages where you lie prone and relaxed. This technique involves the healer pushing and pulling you into various yogic stretches. For a time, the healer holds you in these poses, allowing tensions to fall away with each breath. The rejuvenating nature of the stretches resonates throughout your body for a time.

The release from each pose is unexpectedly invigorating, and the relaxation it provides is heightened by new waves of energy through your body. To further penetrate the core and establish long-lasting harmony, acupressure, muscle compression, and joint mobilization are incorporated into the Thai massage. The healer incorporates these tools using firm rhythmic pressure. Each healer has a unique rhythm to their massage, and the versatility to adapt it to each person's needs. A truly full-service experience.

The acclaimed benefits of Thai massage are many, ranging from release of blocked energy, increased sense of well-being, a more synthesized awareness of the body/mind connection, relief from migraines, bruises or sprains, and even asthma. We encourage you to contact us here in Laguna Beach to learn how we can help you!

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